The EZ RAD PRO is a very easy to use professional grade Ground Penetrating Radar with real time imaging! All you need to do is turn it on
and go. What lies below will be instantly displayed on the screen! At depths up to 20 meters!
Terra Exploration Group's EZ PRO DETECTORS are made by professionals for professionals. NO GIMMICKS, JUST RESULTS!
GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a device that emits
very short impulses of radio waves (2-10 NS, 100-1000
VOLTS) into the ground and then receives the reflection
of these radio waves. These reflections are then
processed by very sophisticated computer software to
produce an image of what is underground. GPR is an
excellent way to find underground anomalies such as
caves, tunnels, mine shafts, mineral veins, water, or
buried treasure. Up until now, GPR has been very
expensive, very difficult to use, and not very portable.
The EZ RAD PRO, by Terra Exploration Group, is light
weight and portable, hand held, and produces
REAL-TIME imaging as you walk. There is no need to
process the data after you do a survey. All you need to
do is turn it on and start walking, you will INSTANTLY
see what is below your feet to depths up to 20 meters!

The EZ RAD PRO is so easy to use, you will be an
expert in no time! It's affordable too!
Only $12,900.00
Included :

Three antennas - 100MHz, 300MHz, and 500MHz

Android tablet + application software

EZ RAD PRO Power Pack


Operating instructions in English
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