The Terra EZ RES PRO is a professional grade resistivity meter that is used to perform Electrical Resistivity
Tomography (ERT) Surveys. ERT is used by professional geophysical surveyors to accurately locate sub-surface
anomalies such as water, mineral deposits, caves or tunnels, archaeological sites, and even buried caches and treasure!
When significant changes in the
readings (Ohms) occur, this can or a
void are 'resisting' the flow of the
current. The user can then adjust the
array back and forth or flip it for a
cross section to pinpoint the anomaly.

The two probe array is the simplest
array to set up and the fastest/easiest
to conduct.   For a quick look before
possibly following with more
sophisticated arrays, the two probe
array is the best way to start a serious
resistivity study.

The image on the left is of overhead
and cross-section views of a typical 2
probe array that would be used to find
a cave or tunnel. The same applies to
finding other anomalies such as water,
mineral veins, or buried caches.

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A resistivity survey is conducted
by placing metal probes into the
ground and an electrical current is
passed between them. The
resistance of the current is
measured in Ohms. The EZ RES
basically reads a "slice" of what is  
underground depending on the
resistance it encounters. To do a
proper and accurate survey, the
probes are moved outward at
various intervals to achieve the
different depth requirements.
considered to be half of the probe
spacing. So basically,  a probe
spacing of 10 feet will yield an
spacing of 50 feet will yield an
effective depth of 25 feet and so on.
Resistivity is the opposite of conductivity.  A
highly electrically conductive substance will
exhibit low resistivity while the opposite is true
for low conductivity substances.  Resistivity is the
measure of resistance to electricity flow over
varying distances.  Higher electrically conductive
substances, like metals for example, will exhibit
much lower resistivity than air (as found in
caves/tunnels).  Factors that will DECREASE soil
resistivity: (a) High moisture content (b) High soil
salinity - more ions to conduct electricity; (c) Clay
minerals.  Factors that will INCREASE soil
resistivity: (a) Low moisture content; (b) Low soil
salinity; (c) Loose, non-compacted soil/gravel; (d)
fractures in dry rock.  
The complete resistivity scan process usually involves many individual scans, requiring numerous and repeated
movements of probes---generally expanding a resistivity line outwards to achieve greater depth.  Depth is generally 52%
of the distance between a given set of probes. As shown in the above illustration of a two-probe array, current flows to
and from the probes in all directions horizontally and vertically.  As the probes are sequentially placed farther apart, the
electric current goes steadily deeper. To calculate the apparent resistivity, the EZ Res Pro measures the voltage drop
from the current sent from the C+ and C- wires to the current received by the P+ and P- wires.  The strongest reading
position is in the center of the probes.
Real 2D and 3D imaging, NO GIMMICKS!
With the EZ RES PRO and Voxler, you can create
2D and 3D images of what lies underground.

Standard with the EZ RES PRO, Voxler is a very
sophisticated and powerful Professional
Geophysical Survey Graphics Program that can
The EZ RES PRO comes with everything you need to
perform simple and complex resistivity surveys.
Data from the EZ RES PRO can be used to create REAL 2D and
3D graphics. Not pre-programmed images from a database.
Easily find underground anomalies such as Gold Veins and Deposits,
Caves and Tunnels, Water deposits, and even Buried Caches or
Treasure at depths of 1 to 50 meters or more!
Only $3,999.00 USD
Terra Exploration Group's EZ PRO DETECTORS are made by professionals for professionals. NO GIMMICKS, JUST RESULTS!

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