Terra Exploration Group Production Company (a.k.a. TexGru Productions) specializes in the filming and
documentation of  extraordinary archaeological, geophysical, and historical anomalies such as lost civilizations, untold
histories, and hidden treasures using the most advanced technologies available today. These technologies include
Ground Penetrating Radar, Magnetic Gradiometry, Electrical Resistivity Tomography, Pulse Induction Metal
Detection, Aerial Thermal Imaging, Drone Surveys , LIDAR Surveys, and even Satellite based NMR Remote Surveys.
Terra Exploration Group has appeared multiple times on the History Channel's hit TV show "The Curse of Oak
Island" and has worked/is working on multiple other shows with the History, Discovery, and Travel Channels. We also
film and document our own expeditions and adventures all over the world and are always looking for intriguing stories
to tell and hidden histories to uncover. If you have a tale to tell or a quest to fulfill, feel free to contact us at the phone
number or email address below. We may be able to help you with our vast array of technologies and over four
decades of experience. Plus, who knows, your story may be the next hit TV show!     
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USA phone # (512) 280-9600
or email us at
Terra Exploration Group founders Bob and Robert Leonard at the Oak Island Memorial
during the filming of the History Channel's hit show "The Curse of Oak Island"